GIRL those oatmeal cookie pops are next level! And the strawberry is a close second for my favorite! So, so, so good!
— @riley_wolf7
Thank you so much for getting me the secret birthday cake pops today! Meant so much to this momma’s day. Y’all are amazing and I’m so happy to see your success!
— @aprilnjuliano

Nominated you for Void’s Best of 904 in the vendor/maker category! When I saw that category I KNEW I had to vote for you. You deserve the recognition! You make amazing product for everyone, are so bright and positive and seem lovely! I just wanted to tell you so you could share the VOID live link.
— @niklelder
HOLY COW Pineapple Upside Down is amazing! I love how fresh and light tasting it is with the little hints of pineapple!! Ahhhhh so good!! You are the magician of foods - so good and healthy!!
— @ginac721

OH MY GOODNESS THESE ARE AMAZING!!! I will be posting them to my Instagram story.... I loved meeting you today!!
— @lindslovelift
Just had your vegan cake pops and I am IN LOVE! Thanks sooooo much! I gave the extras to my clients :)
— @savanna_rose